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Captain William Caldwell's Company

William Caldwell was commissioned Captain on 24 December 1777, and served as second-in-command to John Butler during the Wyoming expedition and to Walter Butler at Cherry Valley in 1778. He "abandoned some property from an opulent relation, strongly attached to the Americans, by making his escape from Philadelphia to Niagara in the year 1775, where he was appointed an Officer in the Indian Department." He distinguished himself at Sandusky, Ohio, and the Blue Licks, Kentucky, in the summer of 1782. After the war he became a prominent civilian and military leader at Windsor, Ontario. This company was probably the second to be mustered complete. It probably saw action in all the major expeditions in New York and Pennsylvania before being posted to Detroit. Caldwell settled at Windsor, Upper Canada, and was a prominent leader during the War of 1812.

Company Commander:Lee Jacobsen
Address:865 S. Highland
Dearborn, MI 48124
313-277-5138, fax 734-591-6126

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