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Historic Fort Erie...Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

1812 squad in action

Every August on the 2nd weekend, the War of 1812 is re-lived where the most bloody Siege of Fort Erie took place on August 15, 1814.

Join us in 2010 for our 24th year, this battle re-enactment has attracted over 700 participants to relive the event over a two day period. Pyrotechnics, day and night battle scenes, live demonstrations have all enhanced this event.

The setting begins with the capture and occupation of the Fort by the invading American troops. The battle sorties are highlighted by a vigorous display of actual musket and cannon fire from both sides culminating with the destructive explosion that originally destroyed about 25% of the Fort. The special effects to simulate this disastrous battle for the British Forces and the Fort is one that all spectators will never forget.

See photos of 2005 reenactment .

Read 6 letters written from two men who actually fought at the Battle of York and the Siege of Fort Erie.

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Join in a visual presentation of an 1812 encampment at the Fort Erie Friendship Festival on July 3, 2010.

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